Twisted Limeade


Hitz 2gram Twisted Limeade

Without reservation, quench your thirst with the zesty delight of Hitz 2gram Twisted Limeade. This invigorating flavor blends the tartness of lime creating a refreshing vape experience that’s perfect for any time of day. Also, this flavor enhance its crisp and vibrant profile, ensuring a clean and satisfying hit with every puff. Twisted Limeade is ideal for those who enjoy a citrusy twist in their vaping routine.

A Zesty Twist on a Classic Hitz Favorite

Refresh and invigorate your senses with our Twisted Limeade flavor, a perfect blend of tangy lime and a hint of sweetness. This unique twist on the classic limeade offers a tantalizingly tart and refreshing taste that’s perfect for cooling down on a hot day or adding a zesty kick to your celebrations.

Crafted with natural ingredients and real lime juice, our Twisted Limeade slushee delivers a burst of authentic flavor in every sip. Easy to prepare and irresistibly delicious, it’s an ideal treat for those who love a balance of sweet and sour.

Perfect for any occasion, Twisted Limeade is a crowd-pleaser at parties, barbecues, or simply as an afternoon pick-me-up. The invigorating lime flavor is both refreshing and revitalizing, making it a favorite among both kids and adults alike.

Experience the ultimate in refreshment with our Twisted Limeade slushee. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hosting a gathering, this flavor is sure to bring a burst of joy and a twist of excitement to your taste buds.


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